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Specialised Coated Glasses
Specialised Coated Glasses

Specialist Glass & Coated Glass

There is a large range of glass technologies available today, depending on the application required, we can help you get the ideal glass for your needs. We can supply glass types from all the major manufacturers, such as Pilkington and Saint-Gobain, to ensure you get the product you require.


Not all glass is made equal

When choosing our glass suppliers, we have always ensured that we use only the very best quality products available, and not like some that choose to purchase cheap inferior glass. By doing this we ensure that we can deliver a top quality product to our customers everytime.


With options, such as :-

  • Self Cleaning Glass - For those hard to reach places, ideal for conservatories.
  • Thermal Insulating Glass - To minimize heat loss and increase comfort.
  • Tinted Glass - A balance of solar control with high levels of natural light.
  • Acoustic Glass - Specially produced to help with sound reduction.
  • Laminated Glass - Bonded glass used for security and high risk areas.
  • Toughened Glass - Or Tempered Glass, heat treat safety glass.


Maybe you need to achieve a certain U-Value with your glass panels or maybe your customer requires a certain level of sound reduction, we can help.

These can be paired with other glasses and different spacer technologies to achieve your exact requirements. Contact us for more details